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Definition of Five Dimensions of Culture in Hofstede Study (Essay Sample)

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Running Head: Cultural Characteristics
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Cultural characteristics
Definition of Five Dimensions of Culture in Hofstede Study
The distinct dimensions of cultural diversity according to Hofstede Study can be analyzed according to five diverse values;
Individualism vs. collectivism
Individualism focuses on the self-being of an individual and one tries to focus on his personality rather than that of a group. In collectivists culture, the perception of individuals are defined by the group they are in. for instance, town, age group, political group, economic group, religious group etc. The analysis portrays individualist becomes more inherent with the increase in national wealth.
Small vs. large power distance
In small power distance places like Australia, Denmark etc democracy is highly upheld and individuals in this culture can voice their views and criticisms without discrimination. In the case of large power distant cultures, the subordinates are subjected to autocratic and paternalistic rule by their superiors. This dim...
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