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Strategic Management: Company Culture (Essay Sample)

To what extent do you think a company's culture shapes its strategy? Or does the strategy create the culture? Note: by "culture", I mean the set of shared values, beliefs, attitudes, customs and norms that describe an organization; I'm not talking about national identity. ? Policy: In this discussion we'll look address the extent to which a company's internal culture affects its strategy. source..
Strategic Management
Company Culture is a term used to describe the shared values, standards and practices by the company employees. Good reputation is embraced by all organizations that are after making a great impact to the society. Attainable mission statements, goals and good objectives define the activities and procedures of an organization. In recruiting the staff members of an organization all these organizational aspects are taken into considerations only to employ those that will conform to the company’s culture. The organization can also train new members the way to think, perceive and feel in the organization. A good and competitive organization will always have values and norms that are considered vital for their product and service delivery. The culture may consist of artifacts values and basic assumptions.
In company settings, internal culture plays a big role in streamlining and strengthening productivity and maintenance of good and performing employees. The organizational culture provides a sense of identity and promotes a sense of commitment. Nonetheless, it helps organizational members attribute sense and meaning to events of the organization and reinforce good values in the organization. Lastly, the culture serves as a control mechanism for shaping behavior. From this analysis, it is clear that company’s culture shapes its strategy.
Strong cultural perspective in an organization provides a consensus on values that address and drive the growth of the company. In most cases strong organizational culture creates a good image of the organization. In addition, organizational culture encourages confidence and risk taking among employees, have leadership that produces change and foc...
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