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Culture studies and Media (Essay Sample)

I am in a first year University Cultural Studies course and I need a 1000 paper on: "Having examined aspects of the Levi's "Ready to Work" ad campaign, take on recent cultural product (e.g. a new movie, a new video game, a new TV series, or new line of clothes) and describe and analyse its promotional matieral (e.g. press release, images, a trailer, an interview). The objective will be to identify signs, myth, ideology, or discourse that is/are at work. How does the material make meaning and how does the meaning fit into dominant ways of thinking in our time? Include at least one theorist from our course in your discussion. (e.g. Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer or Michel Foucault or Roland Barthes) source..
Culture Studies and Media
Culture studies and media are directly associated with the discipline of popular culture learning in mass society. This is usually viewed as the studying of a combination of both the culture studies and communication studies. Soon after the formation of the mass society popular culture academic discussion commenced as an academic study. This centralized on views of particular popular culture which were developed then and how they still influence today studies. This assignment is going to evaluate the signs, myth ideology and discourse in Axe advertisements as the theme objective; this shall also detail how the advertisement means in the current dominant thinking of today existence.
History of Cultural Studies and Media
Over hundred and fifty years ago from the date of cultural studies and media inception there has been great concern of the effect of mass culture. However, recently there have been much emphasis on this study from the wide spread debate of the two world wars. Historical the first empirical study concerning the dangers of cultural democratization on mass culture was compiled by U.S. sociologists Robert Parks and Herbert Blumer. However, this study was not well detailed and scouted until later a group of refugees having gone through the horrors of fascism, coined a mass culture related to mass society and totalitarianism analysis. The debate created a new discipline of study in the United State academic circles on popular culture. Further more, this study was more put to light by the members of Frankfurt School Walter Benjamin, Theodor Adomo, Max Horkheimer and Herbert Marcuse. This gentlemen offered critical analysis on the subject offering the media significant of social consciousness and under late capitalism the definition of social change limitation (Wiggershaus, 9).
Axe Advertisement on the Context of Mass Society Theory
Axe also known by the name Lynx is a brand which deals mostly with male grooming products, this company is owned by a Dutch/British multinational corporation known as Unilever. Mass society formulated itself during the 19th century industrialization process through several advancements of labor, large scale industrialization, urban population concentration, international and complex communication system development and mass political movement progression. Historically axe advertisement has gone through radical changes and critics h...
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