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Business ethics. The social responsibility of business. (Essay Sample)


You will submit two written assignments during the course. Written assignments are your chance to demonstrate course learning by grappling with an issue related to business & society. These entries are an opportunity for you to think about the course material, integrate it with the wealth of knowledge you’ve gained thus far as a student, and ultimately to use that knowledge to address relevant phenomena and situations; your own experiences and/or real-life events. You must submit each written assignment on the Turnitin.
Written Assignment #1: The first assignment is a reflection on our class activities on creating a professional statement of values/professional moral philosophy.
Part 1:
This assignment is a two (or more, not less) page (double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font, 1-inch margins) answer or reflection. Anything less than 2 pages loses 20%.
You should cite no less than 5 legit sources, two of which must be academic articles. Please use APA format for the citations and references.
The format of the assignment can vary. Students often submit assignments in these forms:
(1) “All-employee” memos from a leader to employees; (3) Newspaper editorials; (4) Public speeches; (5) Values statements for your actual business
Grading Rubric below, see table
Part 2:
Part two is an artistic representation of your values statement. This can take many, many forms and be as complex as you’d like to make it.
My hope is that by creating an artistic rending of your professional values, you’ll give it more thought and take the exercise seriously.
The end result can be whatever you’d like it to be. Students often create: Poems (e.g. a Haiku), drawings (From charcoal to pencil sketches), collages, t-shirt designs, etc.
The full 25 points is simply a function of effort here.
25 for creativity and time well spent.
20 points for a solid effort.
15 points or less for a half-spirited effort.
In this class we have read article:
Norman E Bowie "Respecting the Humanity in a person
Joanne B Ciulla "Exploitation of Need"
Milton Friedman "The social responsibility of business is to increase its profits"
Kristol Lowrey "Capitalism & Justice"
Stone " A response to Friedman"
Please use choose some point of view from those articl to apply in the writing.
In the essay please answer those questions:
1. What is imporatnt about you?
2. What is value to you?
3.What value you can bring to business?


Business Ethics
When creating a professional statement of values/professional moral philosophy, there is focus on personal values ethics and professional conduct as one is expected to uphold professional standards and act ethically. Values reflect the principles, standards for actions and moral standards that influence actions and decisions (Kubsch, Hansen & Huyser-Eatwell, 2008). I want to work for Cisco, which values team working, talent and meets customers’ needs by providing appropriate solutions to customers believe in honesty, fairness, integrity, treating others with respect and professionalism. I believe that ethics is important in professional life and, as such, I support integrity and respect for everyone I encounter. This informs how I interact with others since it is important to rely on this in the personal and professional life, and this fosters mutual trust.

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