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Personal Philosophy of Advanced Nurse Practice (Essay Sample)


Formulate a professional nursing philosophy based upon the role and responsibilities of the advanced nurse.
The purpose of this Assignment is to present your views, values, and beliefs about the four concepts of the nursing metaparadigm (i.e., person, nursing, health, and environment) and their interrelationship to one another as they guide your current nursing practice. The process of identifying a personal nursing philosophy of advanced nursing practice and continuously examining, affirming, and validating this philosophy through caring for patients, families, communities, populations, and/or systems can foster professional and personal growth that builds advanced practice expertise.
Develop the first draft of your personal philosophy of advanced practice nursing. You will continue to work on this document throughout the course, with new drafts reflecting your growing sophistication as you reflect on each week's lesson.
A philosophical statement includes these elements:
• An introduction that presents your thought processes used to articulate a philosophy of advanced practice nursing. Note that APA does not use a heading for the introduction, because it is assumed that the first few paragraphs of a manuscript are the introduction.
• Valued personal concepts, such as:
• Metaparadigm concepts such as person/client, nursing, health, and environment
• Additional concepts you may find valuable to advanced practice, such as IOM Future of Nursing, accountability, interprofessional collaborative practice, social justice, and professionalism
• Definition of each concept selected
• Relationships between and among concepts within your personal philosophy as applied to your current practice. A diagram with should be used to graphically depict these interrelationships.
Organization of Your Paper
To be written in APA format (including organization, documentation, and references)
No more than two pages in length.
The paper should include a title page and reference list, however, these pages are not included in the final page count.
Course materials, except textbook, may be used and must be supplemented by current literature from peer-reviewed nursing journals no older than 5 years.
Additional resources to support this Assignment include:
• Reflection: Readings
• IOM Future of Nursing
• Interprofessional collaborative practice
• At least 5 sources of support
use APA 6th Edition


Personal Philosophy of Advance Nursing Practice Narrative

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Personal Philosophy of Advanced Nurse Practice

Nursing philosophy refers to a statement of attitudes, thoughts, feelings and principles about the nature of nursing and the metaparadigm concepts that affect human health, patients, and the environment (Marchuk, 2014). Holistic care is appropriate in nursing as there is consideration of the different factors that influence health outcomes. Maintaining health while enhancing patient interactions and nursing practice is associated with improved quality of nursing. I will also ensure that I use the latest and best evidence available when making clinical decisions while also relying on ethical principles. Nursing metaparadigms influence the quality of care and I will highlight that they influence my personal philosophy.

Valued Personal Concepts


The nursing metaparadigm is reflected in nursing theory and highlights the concepts of the person/client, nursing, health, and environment. The person/client is one, who receives nursing care, and is mostly an individual, but can be a group of persons, families or even communities (Hunt, 2013). Wholeness or holism is emphasized where the biological, psychological, social and spiritual aspects are considered to maintain and promote health. The environment is the internal and external surroundings affecting the patient or client, including the physical environment like family and friends as well as emotional and mental surroundings (Hunt, 2013). Health relates to the client

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