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Business Ethics Awareness Project Child Labor in the Clothing Manufacturing Industry (Essay Sample)


Attached is the outline of this essay. There are also two attachments to articles about ethical decision model (Decktop) and corporate responsibility (Jack Ma). Please try to integrate the concepts in these two articles into your essay.
Please select 'Child labor in the clothing manufacturing industry' as the topic to complete this essay.


Child Labor in the Clothing Manufacturing Industry
Child Labor in the Clothing Manufacturing Industry
Child labor is one of the many issues that raise ethical concerns, especially in the field of business. Child labor is defined based on the age of the laborer, as well as the form of labor or activity being undertaken (Dammert, de Hoop, Mvukiyehe, & Rosati, 2018). Not all activities performed by a child constitute child labor. Child labor is defined as any type of activity that denies children an opportunity to enjoy their childhood, harms their physical, mental, or social development, and interferes with their education (International Labor Organization (ILO), n.d.a). Over time, many countries have enacted laws that abolish child labor. However, statistics show that there are still many children involved in child labor. Globally, out of the 218 million children aged 5-17 years in employment, 152 million are involved in child labor, and about half of them are involved in hazardous child labor, which is harmful to their well-being (ILO, 2017b). These statistics, coupled with the fact that many clothing companies fail to take responsibility for child labor in the industry because they believe the responsibility falls on foreign governments (Hawksley, n.d.), make child labor an important issue to me as a business student. I believe that while governments and humanitarian organizations have made considerable headway, businesses have the potential to even make a greater, positive change on this issue.

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