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Global Supply Chain Ethics Reflection Essay. Strategic leadership (Essay Sample)


This essay is about global supply chain ethics, examining the case of slave labor in Nestle’s supply chain in Thailand.
Please read the article before writting.
Please reflect on each of the following question equally. The idea of the reflection paper is to share my opinion about the topic, so, please reduce the amount of citations and focus on personal opionions.
3 Questions are:
1. What are some ways that business leaders can create and maintain an organizational culture dedicated to
doing ‘right’ by their employees, customers, and communities?
2. Under what conditions is it ethically defensible to outsource production to the developing world where
labor costs are lower, when such actions also involve laying off long-term employees in the firm’s home
3. Why do consumers buy Fair Trade products? List a few reasons and analyze each of them.


Global supply chain ethics
Globalization has increased competition among companies by reducing the economic distance between them. To cope up with the competition, companies in industrialized regions have outsourced cheap labor and low tax rates from developing countries. Nestle grew by 10% annually through its Thailand subsidiary that benefited from cheap labor. However, the company’s seafood and cocoa supply chain in Thailand relied heavily on slavery and child labor practices. Based on Nestlé’s Supply chain in Thailand, this paper aims at discussing how leaders can create and maintain good organizational culture, ethics behind outsourcing, and why consumers buy fair trade products.

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