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Brand Building & Consumer Decision Making (Essay Sample)

Answer the questions to the attached article: Develop a three-page, APA-style paper on the following Questions for Discussion: 1) Analyze the buyer decision process of a typical Porsche customer. 2) Contrast the traditional Porsche customer decision process to the decision process for a Cayenne or a Panamera customer. 3) Which concepts from the chapter explain why Porsche sold so many lower-priced models in the 1970s and 1980s? 4) Explain how both positive and negative consumer attitudes toward a brand like Porsche develop. How might Porsche change consumer attitudes towards the brand? 5) What role does the Porsche brand play in the self-concept of its buyers? source..
The Name of the Student The Name of the Lecturer The Course and Course Code Date of Submission Brand building and Consumer Decision Making The analysis of the buyer decision process of a typical Porsche customer. The traditional Porsche customer is one who has always been their customer for a very long time these are not seasonal buyers but are the buyers who are the most dedicated buyers of a firm. The Porsche Company has its own exclusive customers who buy the Porsche brand of cars. For these customers their buying decision is based on the fact that Porsche is a unique brand with characteristics that were seen as dangerous and are very challenging to drive. The customers identified with the car since they were people who set very high standard for themselves, are very high achievers, have there own style of dressing and everything they indulged in was of its own kind. The customers wanted to drive a car that was exceptional and a mirror image of their personality. The customers wanted a car they can own, enjoy and feel good when driving it since they are sorely driven by feelings of enjoying having the car rather than the need of the car. The contrast between the traditional Porsche customer decision process to the decision for a Cayenne or a Panamera customer The traditional customers of the Porsche were very different from the customers that purchased the Cayenne and the Panamera since they bought the car based on their feelings and did not look into other factors. Unlike the other customers of the Cayenne and Panamera who were more attracted to their utility nature, heaviness, speed and the fact that it was made for five people. They enjoyed the fact that they could get a classy car that made for regular people who could not afford the other unique Porsche brands. The concepts that explain why Porsche sold so many lower priced models in the 1070’s and the 1980’s At the beginning the Porsche brand catered for a particular customer segment. However as time went by the management of Porsche became concerned if the customers that the company catered for were enough to keep the company running. The company became aware of the way the other car companies like Toyota were making a lot of sales from their cars. As mu...
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