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Entrepreneurs (Essay Sample)

1. Research these entrepreneurs: Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrery, Michael Dell, CoCo Chanel and Phil Knight. 2. Pick two and decribe their keys to success.3. Describe why consumers enjoy their brands.Use the information in Chapter Six and/or information from other sources including your experience. This is worth 100 points source..

A research on two entrepreneurs, Phil Knight and Coco Chanel
Phil Knight
He is the brains behind the renowned brand Nike. His success story can be traced back when he joined University of Oregon and met Bill Owerman. At the university, he developed huge enthusiasm for running during which time he heard people talk about sports and the challenges that retards its success. He identified a need particularly for running shoes that were good and at the same time cheap. After his university degree in accounting, he later joined Stanford Graduate School (Krentzman, 2009). He had the passion for business and by this time he had known that he wanted to be an entrepreneur.
Among the courses he took was small business and he was given an assignment to create a new business, explain its purpose and as well as write its marketing plan and his earlier idea of running shoes came back. He took action in his business idea and formed a business with Bill Bowerman, his couch at the university. After big success of the company, he resigned his accounting job to work in his business (Mike, 2011).
Coco Chanel
Being an orphan, Coco Chanel had to do all she could to succeed and being raised in an orphanage she perused a career as a café singer and this bootstrapped her using every available opportunity. She believed in her self and had unwavering self-confidence which made everyone else believe in her too (Gedeon, 2008). She defined her niche and realized that fashion needed revolution. She exploited every available opportunity and continually redefined her vision and later stuck in her mission. All success starts with the motivation to make an idea work.
Phil Knight’s product is one of the most liked sporting shoes in the entire world owing to its affordability, comfortableness and above all fashionable.
Coco Chanel’s ability to make extraordinary clothes coupled with her genius at marketing them is what makes customers enjoy her brand (, 2012).
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