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Human Resources: Health, safety and security (Essay Sample)

In your own words - define health, safety, and security - and explain why these topics are important to employers and employees alike. How do you as the Human Resource professional, ensure each is addressed effectively in an organization? I would like to hear your ideas about how you, as a Human Resource professional, would ensure your company was in compliance. A second part of the discussion is that I'd like you to discuss several legal requirements affecting health and safety. PLEASE don't just "define" them - and give me the sentence out of the text. Think about the terms and perhaps give examples of how your employers have or have not met the requirement. You can also give your views on why you do or do not agree with the law. source..

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(01, November, 2010)
Human Resources
The essay is a definition of the following; health, safety and security. In addition, a brief explanation of the importance of the three concepts to both employers and employees are brought forth. Additionally, the paper seeks to bring to light how as a human resource I will ensure that each of the concepts is addressed effectively. Lastly the paper briefly discusses a number of legal issues that affect health and safety within work place (Baugher, 2004).
Health refers to the condition in which a human being is completely physically, mentally and socially well or sound. Another term that go hand in hand with health is safety and refers to a state or condition of being sure that open will not be affected ...
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