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Blue-Collar Brilliance Research Assignment Paper (Essay Sample)


Write a one page reflection on the article, “Blue-Color Brilliance?” When writing your essay pay attention to how your current work is perceived and try to make connections. Your essay should present a new perspective (your take) rather than simply agreeing with the author or repeating the author's points and arguments.


Blue-Collar Brilliance
The mental apprehension depicted in the Blue-Collar Brilliance article about how education received from universities does not determine their intelligence might be true but I feel investing in a high education will continuously remain to be driving force in developing the intelligence needed in a workplace. Many people join universities to pursue the careers they have interest in and I therefore think that the likelihood of them acquiring the skills and knowledge to be applied in their future workplace will be high because they show interest in what they learning. Therefore, enhancing the acquisition of the intelligence they will need in their workplace. However, those people who do not invest in higher education most of them do not have the privilege of following their passion. Most of them get employed in any kind of industry simply to make money therefore the likelihood of them gaining the skills needed in the workplace will be very low because they only driven by money not passion.
Higher education makes people enhance their rational thinking therefore they do not believe everything they hear or see because they no better and they can strongly stand for what they believe in because the education they have acquired gives them the courage to stand for what they believe in. Rational thinking depicts the intelligence one has acquired from the higher education. The intelligence makes them capable of re...
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