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HLS 6030 DF8 Initial: National Intelligence Estimate (Essay Sample)


A National Intelligence Estimate is a "community product" -- that is, it is the authoritative assessment of the intelligence community on a particular topic. This NIE combines the analytic thinking of multiple intelligence community organizations -- in this case, the CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, and the State Department Bureau of Intelligence and Research. It was coordinated by the Director of Central Intelligence. Following the 9/11 attacks and the creation of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, NIE's today are coordinated by the ODNI.
Read the National Intelligence Estimate Yugoslavia Transformed and address the following discussion questions:
Who do you believe the NIE was written for - who are the customers?
Is this a useful product for national policy-makers? Why or why not?
What is the NIE's central thesis? Do you believe the NIE presents a compelling and persuasive case for the thesis?
What could the NIE's authors have done differently, if anything, to improve the usefulness of this product for the customers?


National Intelligence Estimate
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National Intelligence Estimate
The National Intelligence Estimate dubbed “Yugoslavia Transformed” was arguably targeting the US and its European allies. On its part the U.S. interest in Yugoslavia can be traced back to its interests in the Balkans. Previously, the US had been closely involved in defining the future of Balkans. In line with this, Yugoslavia had been for long seen as strategic puzzle of defeating or containing the Axis powers (Lampe, 2013; Treverton & Miles, 2016). With the coming of the cold war, the interest in the country was revived and it was seen as a strategic enigma for defeating Russia. Any military intervention could not however be conducted without the approval of the European allies hence the NIE which aimed at communicating American interests in Yugoslavia (Jakovina, 2014). The NIE is a good tool for policy makers especially in relation to Serbia, Slovenia and Croatia, which reportedly would annihilate Yugoslavia as a country.
The central thesis of the NIE Yugoslavia reformed is that the country would di...
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