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Article Discussion on Macroeconomic Business & Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)


Please provide comments on the attached article.
Book reviews are a good way to get the main points of a book, without having to read the full thing. This article is a review of a book dealing with the history and development of modern money (or paper banknotes). What is interesting here is the surprising difficulty of establishing and maintaining a monetary system. What does this history imply for current challengers to paper money, such as cryptocurrency?
Your objective should be to understand the ‘main objectives’ or ‘takeaways’ of the article.


Article Discussion on Macroeconomic
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Article Discussion on Macroeconomic
William Roberds’ “Review of Making Money: Coin, Currency, and the Coming of Capitalism by Christine Desan” discusses the revolutionization of money. One of the primary things that one learns from the article is that the large-scale introduction of banknotes was not something that came and went, but it had far-reaching effects, some of which are felt even today. In particular, monetary innovation is compatible with financial stability, only where there is a supportive environment, which might take many years to develop. The most interesting thing about this article by Roberds is that it reveals how it is challenging to maintain a monetary system.

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