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I Am Not a Girl Who Misses Much (Essay Sample)


Please write a response for the following video. Pipilotti Rist http://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=TJgiSyCr6BY Questions to consider when responding to the video - How has the artist incorporated found materials into this video? - How does the artist's use of found materials contribute to the narrative or content of this video? - Discuss the concept or theme the artist is presenting in this video. -How does the artist transform out understanding of the original material? -Discuss the editing methods used in this video. -Is there other footage or appropriated material that could be used in this video? -How would you approach editing/remixing this material?


I Am Not a Girl Who Misses Much
The first part of the video is made of a girl that is singing behind the camera. Her image is blurred from the viewers although she seems to be making very frantic efforts to make sure that the viewers can see her. The first part also includes the girl singing in her first persona, but towards the end this changes to the second persona, where the viewers can listen to the original voices of The Beetles who were artists of the song, which went by the name ‘Happiness Is a Warm Gun’.
Looking closely at the post modern art, there is the ultimate message that comes out about the life that the girl is living, which is a postulate of every other girl’s life in the modern day. The girl seems to be making so much effort get noticed by the camera that is actually blurring her image from the viewers. It seems to insinuate that most of the girls are out there trying to get noticed but there is very little that most people can make of their personality, much of what they make is blurry and can’t tell how they like the persons in question. By extension the concept of the narrative therefore, indicates that the girl feels important and even makes all the efforts to get noticed but, the world around her doesn’t notice.
The original work of The Beetles was to mimic the life of an actress who went mad, while trying to get the world to notice her. The song by The Beetles was done after Brian one of the members died of sleeping drugs over dose. Before his death, Brian was gay and was referred to as a she; which explains the use of the words ‘Mother superior jump the gun’. He had also been fighting for the rights of the gay persons in the United Kingdom before he died. The artist of this particular piece draws some parallel to the scenario, by illustrating a girl that wants to get noticed but there are hindrances which create the blur. Only on one occasion do the viewers see the face of the girl but then it is not long before the blurs come back on and there are sounds that mimic the struggle to come back up, as she slips below the screen.
To bring out the artistic qualities of the piece, the artist creates blurs of the images of the girl in the clip. There is also the wide use of flash colours such as red and blue. Other than that, there is the use of the distortion of the image quality with lines that pass through the length of the screen from the top to the bottom. This gives the video the aspect of a...
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