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Art of the Western World (Essay Sample)

Sources: http://www(dot)learner(dot)org/resources/series1.html/ Please only use the provided resource above. 1.Please write about THE EARLY WESTERN ART.( from above resource. ) Add your own thoughts and opinions. 2. please provide few examples. (catagories & artists) source..

Art of the Western World
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(July 16, 2012)

Art of the Western World
The art of the western world identifies with the art history of the western world critically analyzed in historical and cultural settings. This is done focusing on the modern art that is spontaneous to the classical retardation which is restrained. The artistic movements within the western world are interpreted through the sculptures, major paintings and the architecture works. It has been noted that researchers and scholars has played a critical role in appreciating and understanding the western world art works (Ruhrberg et al, 2000).
The materials on the western art work are available in individual program descriptions, DVD’s, printable materials and through distance learning models. This is done through endorsements and reviews. Individual art work of the western world resonates with the classical ideal, Gothic and Romanesque describing on the white church garments, early renaissance, high renaissance, light realms commonly known as the Baroque, age of passion, age of reason, post impressionism, impressionism, the art of the twentieth century and the twenty first century art.
Research indicates that the classical ideal of the western world art identifies with tracing the human origin particularly in the ancient Greece classical style. Roman was well renown architects and engineers, skills that were useful in the building of the empire and sculpture portraits. Research indicates that with the falling of the Roman Empire, Monumental Romanesque sculpture and architecture flourished, a good example is the Gothic architecture which is...
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