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Response on "Mystery sound" (Essay Sample)

Students are expected to listen the audio sample (see attachment) and submit response on the material. This response should briefly summarize the material and discuss your opinion of what you have experienced. Make sure to back up your opinion with examples from the material and/or your personal experience. Responses should be one-typed, single space page. _____________________________________________________________ For this response you will listen and write about the assigned “mystery” audio track. Make sure to listen to this track in at least three different locations, and at three different times of day. Questions to consider when writing your response. >What types of sounds is the artist sampling or employing? >Is there a narrative suggested in this work? How is this work is constructed? >What do you think is the theme or concept of this piece? >How does this piece change over time? >What do you visualize when you hear this piece? ***>How does time of day and location affect your interpretation of this piece?*** source..
Mystery sound Name: Institution: The artist has employed a number of sounds in this piece. In the first part of the recording the sounds are coming from a group of people that seem to be singing in unison, as part of a ritual which could be traditional or religious. The persons in the song use repetition for a short phrase, which they sing at a normal tempo, with some tonal variations raising from the first words of the phrase towards the last words of the same phrase. In the second part of the recording that starts at around the forty third second, there is more singing from a large group of persons, with some variations in the technique. Unlike the first part, here there are some drumming and clapping together with sounds that signify tapping feet. Then there follows some ululation, which seems to come from several female high pitched voices. A man`s voice follows in what sounds like religious recitals that are then followed by females` voices and a single female voice sounds like panting. In the back ground there are sounds of water hitting a large area, such as sounds that come from the water at sea hitting the beach front in form of waves. More musical female voices that are much more calm with mild tonal variations can now be heard towards the end of the recording,...
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