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I WOULD LIKE TO ORDER A PAPER about( KHALIFA TOWER) IN DUBAI THE TALLEST BUILDING IN THE WORLD. AND PLEASE FOLLOW THE FOLLOWING IN STRUCTURES. you are to select a singe building or structure that represents your ideal piece of architecture. provide the following data in outline from t top of page: name of structure: location: date: designer: style: your essay should include why you selected this building, its significance and how it correlates to your understanding,philosophy of the built environment as well as to other noteworthy buildings. you are limited to one 8.5" x 11" page; 12 point font. you are required to cite all sources. source..
Khalifa Tower in Dubai Name University Date Khalifa Tower in Dubai This paper seeks to address the Tower of Khalifa located in United Arab, Dubai. The tower was designed by Owings, Skidmore & Merrill in a modernism style between 2004 and 2010. The Tower of Khalifa building adopted the concept of bundled tube in its physical shape yet it doesn`t use bundle tube. The basic reason why I chose the tower of Khalifa is simply because of its newly acquired status as the world`s tallest tower in history. This status definitely makes this building the center of attraction and the icon building whenever someone think of investing or just visiting Dubai (Kallen, 2013). The tower of Khalifa was designed and constructed by the United Arab in Dubai for the specific reason of diversifying from an economy which is oil based to one which is tourist and service oriented. This is what justifies the significance of its existence. There are numerous unique and attractive features of this tower of Khalifa. For instance the tower look like a shimmering needle with a silver lining at night and it also has a magnificent condensate collection center which sees the hot but humid Dubai`s air within the building regulated to the satisfaction of visiting investors and tourists (Achcar, 2013). Considering the understanding and philosophy of Dubai which definitely doesn`t possess much oil as other emirates, the tower of Khalifa suits best and was therefore an economically feasible way to make the Dubai economy richer, by...
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