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Leadership Abilities for Project Leaders and Office-Work Leaders (Coursework Sample)


You must have a 1 page answer for any 2 of the following 3 questions - Doesn't matter which 2. I've attached an image of our course textbook. Please note that this is a 4th year undergrad business management class so the content of the answers must reflect relevant information that would have been studied throughout the class. 1. Compare and contrast the leadership abilities and styles required for project management versus those required of a leader of a group of employees involved in office-type work. Which skills are the same and which do you think need to be different. Provide one real example of a one-time, temporary project manager contrasted with an office manager to illustrate your answer? 2. Describe an organizational change in detail that went well and one that did not from your own experience or research. Explain the results of those changes, applying theoretical course content to explain your answer. It is best to present changes that involved a smaller part of an organization, rather than an entire large organization. 3. The most effective managers need to have a high tolerance for ambiguity. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Present your answer under the categories of Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling.


Management - Business
1 Leadership abilities for project leaders and office-work leaders
Leaders of a group of employees involved in office-type work require acknowledging what their mission, vision, and goals are. They must be seen by their stakeholders, advisors, and employees as being specialists in their filed or specialists in leadership. Leaders in a group of employees involved in office-type work also require being able to communicate effectively and easily to the stakeholders in and out of the organization.
Leadership abilities required in project management on the other hand require having a vision of where the project is going and having the ability to express it. Project leadership also calls for clear communication about responsibility, goals, expectations, performance, and feedback. It also demands for devotion to, and manifestation of, ethical practices.
A leader also should have the capacity to inspire, challenge, encourage, and model his followers. Moreover, a project leader should have the capacity to delegate; trust is a crucial factor in the relations of a project leader and their team. He should also be a strong person who offers the element that holds the team collectively in com...
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