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A New Birth of Freedom: The Civil War (Coursework Sample)


Use this as an opportunity to discuss some of the larger issues or themes in the readings. While you will need to re-state some of what is in the textbook to formulate your answer, you must elaborate on what you've read. Create an informed opinion. Be sure to: --answer the question --use only the textbooks to write your Response Paper unless otherwise instructed --provide specific examples from the textbooks for your statements --quote your sources (the textbooks) --cite your sources--provide page numbers Submission Guidelines: 1. Deadlines for each Response Paper are listed in the schedule. NO LATE PAPERS WILL BE ACCEPTED. 2. You must use the following format for your Response Papers: --Chapter Number: --Module Number: --The Question (copy the question that you are answering): --Answer: (250-350 word answer). 3. Yes, your response must be between 250 and 350 words in length. When calculating word count, don't include the heading or question in your count; count only the words in your actual answer. 4. For each Module, you will either a) see a link to specific Response Paper prompts OR b) see a link to appropriate textbook chapter questions. In this case, you must choose to write your RP from chapters listed for the current week's Module. You may not choose a question or prompt from a previous week's Module or for a Module that we haven't yet covered. 5. Answer just one question per module. 6.Not every RP is accepted. The most common reasons RPs are not accepted: a) The RP is too short. b) The RP doesn't evince that the student has followed the instructor's advice given in a previous RP. The RP doesn't answer the question or address the issue. d) The student does not do their own work on the RP. See the "Academic Standards" document in the Course Overview. If your RP is not accepted, you MAY NOT REVISE it. You must move on to the next RP. 7. Notice in the class Schedule that while you only have to turn in 6 RPs, you have 7 opportunities to turn in RPs. I suggest that you not wait to turn in your RPs. You'll want to give yourself a cushion in case you have to miss an opportunity to turn in an RP or in case one of your RPs is not accepted. If you choose to do 7 RPs, the instructor will not grade all 7. The first 6 will be counted toward your grade. The instructor will not count the seven best. 8. You may not work ahead. Each Module will be open for only the time designated in the schedule. 9. Acceptable formats: --Microsoft Word --PDF --rtf --Don't use. Pages


Chapter Number: 14 A New Birth of Freedom: The Civil War
--Module Number: Module G
--The Question
4) How did the actions of slaves themselves, northern military strategy, and the Emancipation Proclamation combine to end slavery?
Slaves played a crucial role to end the practice of slavery as they became soldiers and former slaves provided services as cooks and cleaners. Before the Civil War, some former slaves fought before the war broke out, albeit on a small scale. The Emancipation Proclamation protected slaves, especially if the Union won the war.
The slaves were directly involved in war efforts, and they were treated as equal in the navy, which allowed them to be actively engaged in the war on the seas. Escaped slaves were known as “the contrabands,” and became the property of the army; they became affiliated with the Union forces which made it easier for them to fight for the Union army (Foner 530). “Well before Lincoln

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