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Jazz Album Report: Speak No Evil, Wayne Shorter (1966) (Coursework Sample)


1. Select a jazz album from the list below or from your own research. If you plan to use an album that is not on the list, please check with me via email in advance. 
All significant jazz albums are available on Spotify and YouTube. 
2. Read the album liner notes. If you do not physically have the album, find the liner notes via google search. 
3. Listen to the complete album without interruptions. If you are listening from YouTube, make sure the tracks play in the correct order. If possible, use 
headphones or higher quality speakers to listen. (NO LAPTOP SPEAKERS) 
4. After listening to the album, write a short paper describing the experience (minimum length: two-pages, double spaced): 
a. In your paper, address the following questions and be sure to 
incorporate jazz and music terms from class: 
i. What was your overall impression of the album? 
ii. What was your favorite piece? Why was it your favorite piece? 
What musical aspects of the piece did you like? What musical aspects of the piece did you dislike? 
iii. What style of jazz did you hear? How does the jazz you heard 
relate to the lineage of jazz history discussed in class? 
iv. Why do you think this is a notable jazz album?


Speak No Evil, Wayne Shorter (1966)
I had the chance to listen to some jazz albums and was very impressed by the quality of some of them. It was indeed testament of how jazz has held its ground as one of the most indigenous, if not the most indigenous, music genres of all time. Speak No Evil came out in June of the year 1966. It was the sixth album of Wyne Shorter. The great album was recorded by the Blue Note Records. The album “Speak No Evil,” has a mixture of both hard pop and modal jazz elements (Meehan, 47). The album cover has the picture of Teruka Nakagami (Irene). Irene is Wayne’s wife whom they met way back in the year 1961.
The album Speak No Evil is among the many albums he recorded for the Blue Note in the year 1964. During the time he was recording this album he was an active member of the David Miles’ band. This is the reason why the album hardly received special attention during its time of releasing. It was so expected to receive minimal attention. Also, the fact that Wayne Shorter was involved in the other band meant that his time was divided and so was the dedication (Meehan, 52). From my point of view however, all these experiences added up to his music career, and contributed positively as well.
With time the album came to limelight. I still share the same sentiments as most other people, who contend that this was Wayne’s best piece of work. It is seen as his finest. Besides, the Blue Notes’ highlighted catalog. The album, Speak No Evil was picked by The Penguin Guide to Jazz as a component of its proposed Core Collection (Meehan, 45). They referred to it as the exceedingly Wayne’s most contenting record. The Allmusic rates the album at the topmost possible ranking of all the five stars. I can only imagine how fast one could rise up the musical ladder. This was indeed a moment of revelation for him.
I still enjoyed the entire buildup to the musical success of the al

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