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Dance Appreciation WEEK 10: Black Dance in America, Rainbow Round My Shoulder (Coursework Sample)

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WEEK 10: 11/6 - 11/12 - Black Dance in America


Rainbow ‘Round My Shoulder
The dance is very well executed, from the expression of the theme by the dancers and coordination between them. One of the aspects that stands out is the movements and the way that the dancers are able to coordinate the same. From the performance, it is easy to tell that the theme is about the slaves and the toiling that they did on the farms (Shomler, Bob). The unity in movement is exceptional. There is also the enactment of the dreams that they have and way that they remember the struggles. The sound score on the performance is an estimated 30 and the instrument which mostly stands out is the guitar.
This dance is culturally a reflection of the African Americans struggles as slaves. The enactment of the African American culture is brought to life through the context in slavery and the value placed in freedom. The idea behind Mckayle's inspiration is for the audience to

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