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Jakarta Concert Report Assignment: Java Jazz Festival 2014 (Coursework Sample)


Procedures:1.Find a jazzconcert on YouTube that is at least 30 minutes in length. If you are unsure if your concert qualifies as a jazz concert, please email me the YouTube link in advance. 2.Watch the concert and write an essay (minimum length: three-pages, 12-point font, double spaced) that describes your experience. Address the following questions:•What is the name of the event?•When and where did the concert take place?•What is the name of the group and/or performers?•Did the musicians perform original music, free improvisations, covers of standard jazz/popular songs, big band arrangements, or a combination of these options?•How would you describe the style of the music (early New Orleans style jazz, swing, bebop, cool jazz, hard bop, modal, jazz fusion, modern jazz, historical performance, etc.)? •Did the performers incorporate influences outside of jazz (rock, classical, world music, etc.)?•What was your overall impression of the performance?•What was your favorite piece? •Why was it your favorite piece?•What (specific) musical aspects of the piece did you like? •What (specific) musical aspects of the piece did you dislike? •Describe how the piece fits into the lineage of jazz history that we studied in class.•Please include a link to the YouTube video in the text of your paper.


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Concert report
I must say that the live concert at Java Jazz Festival 2014 held at the Jakarta international on 2nd March at D1 Hall is one that will ever be my best live concerts. The eve of this day, I was just bored at home doing some work when I had the sounds of sweet guitars around my place. By good luck, the concert was hosted just a few distances from my place. I could not hesitate to join the festival. On arrival, I found the D1 hall packed with over 1000 people celebrating the good jazz music.
The Java Jazz Festival thematically played tribute jazz to the late George Duke. George Duke was a known American Musician, a pioneer of his time and a composer of the Jazz music. The history of George illustrates a committed artist and a stage Performa. The tribute was of the essence because many of his fun loved Duke. Prominently, Duke was known for his albums of R&BS genre. Personally, Duke was my number one favorite jazz player during his time. Many people who came to pay tribute from the background attested to this fact. The hall was lit with different lighting systems including the yellow opal lights roofed in rows.
There were ten artists in attendance who are full-time Jazz players included Larry Kimpel, Gorden Campbell, Adam Hawley, Indra Lesmana, Dira Sugandhi, Jeff Lorber, Chuck Loeb, Maurice Brown, Tom Braxton, & Tony Momrelle. These artists took to stage the full mix of Dukes pieces of music. The stage set up comprised of blues and Jazz instruments including the basic drums such as high hats, crash symbols, kick drums, and snares located at the right side of the stage. The platform was balanced with several microphones set before the singer Larry. Various designs of the keyboard such as Yamaha were used to play jazz beats. At the center of the stage was one microphone pitched for the soloists who alternated during the play. Occasionally, this was a big band performance with proper arrangement of the instruments.
The lead artist who had an insight of the songs was Larry Kimpel and the drummer Golden Campbell. The forms of music played in this concert were not original songs. They were the old songs done by Duke during his time. In memories of the late Duke, Larry an

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