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Final Swatch Project Construction / Weave Of The Swatches (Coursework Sample)


Complete a 5 page reflection on the Final Swatch Project
A bibliography is to follow.
Reflection should read as a Forecasting report.
Describe your theme(New York / Working Style), customer(25-30 working women), price point stores you would hang in ($150-$299)and comparative brands(PRADA, MARC JACOBS).
Analyze your color way source (grey, white, orange, brown, khaki, suntan, denim,plaid), relation (grey and plaid, orange and plaid, solid color) names and current value.
Identify the construction/weave of the swatches
Analyze and identify the weights of your swatches and appropriate use. (The coat fabrics are pretty heavy since I picked some really light fabric for the top, and I picked some medium weight fabric for pants, because I want it looks drapping like the image does)
Compare the fiber contents. Relate this to appropriate use, weight, burn test and performance properties.
Discuss sustainability and the recycled or made swatch if included.
Analyze the result and meaning of the Making App rating (NIKE app).
Discuss the chosen 3 swatches based on weight, color, fiber, weave and Making App
(choose Doublecloth orange and plaid fabric for coat, white fabric for top, denim for pants)


Final Swatch Project
The theme
The main features of the outfits is New York / Working Style, customer(25-30 working women), price point stores that would hang in ($150-$299). The outfit will complement and highlight the style without appearing too casual, and the targeted customers are more fashion conscious than the general population, but also want comfortable clothes. There is also focus on quality and the customers can afford the attires, which mean they are more likely to compare both pricing and quality of fabrics to ensure they get value for money, rather than simply choosing something that is too common and can simply be copied by others. The customers dress for comfort and touch and the comparative brands are Prada and Marc Jacobs.
Color way source
In the double cloth, there is integrating the orange colored prints with the more basic and neutral colors embraces energy and elegance at the same time. The color way source is grey, white, orange, brown, khaki, suntan, denim and plaid. The choice of colors combines both the warm and cool tones mostly the brown and gray colors. On the other hand the relation color is (grey and plaid, orange and plaid, and the solid color, which provides variety in the color and choice of fabric.
Construction/weave of the swatches
The varieties of fabric swatches include the more woolen plaid and suntan to the plain to the denim fabric for the pants. The woven fabrics are interlaced while the knits are interloped (Islam, Chowdhury and Akter 19). Both the woolen and suntan are woven where there is interlacement of the yarns. The non-woven fabric is used for the blouse and other parts of the coat including the white, black and gray fabrics. These fabrics are softer and flexible when compared to the denim. Khaki is a closely woven weave, while the denim is more of twill-weave cotton, which is hard warning and high density fabric, which were used for pants (Cai et al., 241).
Weights of the swatches and appropriate use
The coat fabrics are pretty heavy and this is necessary since are mainly high density and durable. At the same time, the choice of fabrics is suitable to stay warm and stylish, and while it is difficult to find elegant outfits that keep you warm, the choice of the fabric makes a difference as is the case with these fabrics. I chose the heavy fabric for the coats since I picked some really light fabric for the top. The light fabrics are thin and soft, and require careful handling, and this makes them ideal for the top since there are fine woven threads, yet soft and light fabrics (Rouf, Denton and French 10582). The fabrics are not only soft, but also comfortable .I picked some medium weight fabric for pants, because the final outcome is a draping like outfit. When choosing these fabrics of various thicknesses, there was consideration of whether the fabrics are comfortable in contact with the skin. For instance, the denim for pants is comfortable and does not wrinkle easily, which makes them appropriate to alleviate discomfort. Examining the fiber content is necessary to determine that the fabric is appropriate for drapability, and can be folded with ease. The draperies depend on the fabric weight, but there is no focus on the fabric weight since the fabric structure is regular
The fiber is each of the filaments that, arranged in bundles, fall into the composition of the threads and tissues including the synthetic and natural fibers, where the textile fiber is the unit of all textile material. The characteristics of these textile fibers include flexibility, fineness, le

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