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Coursework Writing Assignment The Bridges of Madison County (Coursework Sample)


you must writeThe Bridges of Madison County!

The Bridges of Madison County
I recently attended a theatre performance by heathers Musical at Gannon University Theatre to watch the famous Broadway musical "The Bridge of Madison County". As I had expected, the performance captured the audience attention right from the beginning with beautiful lyrics. Notable characters included Robert, the jagged, handsome photographer, and Francesca, combined with Steve and Cory's beautiful, soulful voices. The blend of music with beautiful sceneries combined with music presented a striking love story .
The performance opened with Francesca on an empty stage singing a ballad that described her emptiness. I loved the scenery of the cornfield in Iowa which blended well with the story; showing how the land is rich but she had an unfulfilling family life (Holley 376). As she sings, the stage is gradually filled with accouterments of her life. The storyline is about a romantic affair that embraces simplicity, which is seen in the costume that captures Iowa in the mid-60s. Among the cast, Francesca is seen wearing simple and practical house dresses.
The production presents the love story in a reasonable and conservative way as the relationship between Francesca and Robert blossoms. The scenes are mixed together where Francesca's husband and her two teens are combined with flashbacks that help the audience understand the back-stories of both Robert and Francesca's love. The several flashbacks deepen the audience connection with the characters. I loved the performance because it is something one would relate to.
The music was a combination of tone variations used by the characters as a way of telling their own individual stories. The story was made more intense by the music performances. The musically complex performance included exciting major and minor key changes, with a variety of tones. The lighting design of the stage added more color to the play, making the play more attractive to watch.The colorful Cyclorama of sunrise, sunset, and cornfields, including unlimited blue skies are some of the breathtaking sceneries in the play. However; the stage was squeezed with only a single tree onstage silhouetted by a bright golden sun.
At some point, the delicate relationship of Francesca and Robert's love affair seems to have been swallowed up by the beautiful scenes of the landscape. The highly stylized staging is set in a way that conveys Francesca loneliness, presenting the uneasy feeling of being lost in a strange hostile land. Emotions are well presented by lighting, especially during the moment on the bridge with the cross shadows appearing along the sides of the house and across the stage. These are striking times and some of the breathtaking moments...
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