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Mass Violence and International History: China's Boxer Uprising (Coursework Sample)


This is one re-doing paper. You should carefully read outline and my draft. Professor gave me one feedback on my outline. I know this time still not exactly over requirement. Hence, you must try to follow up professors' comment to rewrite this paper. You can do this work based on my draft. Please remember that this is not research paper. You don't need to cite academic article and monograph. Its difficulty is how grasp the exploration guide and professors' comment on the outline. Last, just remind turnitin result must no more than 10%.


Mass Violence and International History: China's Boxer Uprising
In the case of boxer uprising, this is an event that shaped the history of China in reference to the foreign policies. Studying the event, assists the historians in drawing parallels to what is happening in the country currently and more so predict what could happen in the future. As historians, it is important to guide the readers by making sure they concentrate on a single event and the impact that had. This way, the audience do not get confused by the various factors that intertwine not just at the local level but also at the international level. There are a lot of dynamics that are involved in a single event and the focus works to eliminate any elements that could easily distort understanding the concepts and the underlying factors. When studying the international history, there are quite a number of factors that are likely to influence the understanding of the event and the processes leading to it. The international history is combination of dynamic factors that relate to the different cultures and political aspirations of the different governments and leaders. With the focus of the event in question, it is much easier for the historians to evaluate the development of the same. This is with a focused approach that only considers the Chinese culture, the political environment at the time and the people involved. This way gives even the readers a rather easier time understanding the concepts. Involving the international history is likely to confuse the readers as they to consider the various countries and their inputs.
In the period between 1899 and 1901, there came what is commonly referred to as the boxer uprising. This was an unrest in the Northern part of China, which stemmed from the youths in the region claiming that they needed to purify China of the foreign invasion. The youths mostly from the local villages, had been hard trained in the martial arts and it is for this reason that they were referred by the Christians and later the rest of the people as the boxers. They were a popular religious, social and anti-imperialist group. The group was advocating for the removal of all the foreig

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