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DSM-5: Psychopathology and Diagnosis (Coursework Sample)


The very purpose of DSM-5 is to facilitate communication between mental health providers to insure a common understanding our findings and treatment goals. For our final discussion, we are going to turn our attention slightly towards the processes of communicating our findings to non-mental health providers. Here I would like you to focus on how the diagnosis might impact how you communicate your findings to a couple of different groups: the patient, non-mental health providers (like doctors, educators, etc.) and support systems. Specifically, look to sharing information regarding:
1) Progressive Disorders (things likely to worsen over the course).
2) Disorders likely to be static, unchanging over the course.
3) Disorders in which a pattern of active and remittance periods are present.
4) Disorders where treatment outcomes tend to be poor.


When communicating with the patient that is suffering from a progressive disorder about their diagnosis, it is first important to give them hope about the situation. This is crucial given the fact that, the diagnosis is likely to affect the patient psychologically. At the same time, it is also important to prepare them for the progression of the symptoms so that they are ready and able to deal with them as they appear.
In the case of a disease or a condition that is likely to remain static for a long time, it is important the patient is notified of the fact that they are going to be affected by the conditions for prolonged periods of time. The best way of commun

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