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The Louvre Belongs To The World: Formation Of Citizenship (Research Paper Sample)


The research proposal has already been finished. Please read it very carefully and follow the instructions.
Research Proposal and Bibliography: A short description of your research project and a preliminary bibliography of primary and secondary sources, based on the course readings and our visit to Paris.
Final Research Paper: An eight to ten-page research paper on a topic of your choice, which analyzes a series of objects, images, or monuments related to a theme in Parisian history.


The Louvre Belongs to the World:
Revolution and the Formation of Citizenship and Nationhood
Paris at the Crossroads
The Louvre's collections are tied to a history of French colonialism and imperialism. However, since the 1980s the Louvre has sought to embrace international investment in its architecture and collections. As a result, the Louvre has garnered global acclaim, not just France. During its early days, the pieces displayed were got from the imperialist endeavors, but the development of more diplomatic approaches have resulted in the acquisition of art from donors across the globe, loans of artwork, and development by international architects such as I.M. Pei.

Consequently, I seek to prove that that Louvre belongs to this whole world instead of a country: France. My argument is founded on the established dimensions in the history and operation of the museum from the builders and the extension of the Louvre, Loan of artwork, donations, and the diversity of visitors. The Louvre's new design is contemporary by integrating progressive thought and influences from across the globe, iconically the Egyptian pyramids. The designer, I.M. Pei, is an Asian architect who lives in the US. Further, the Louvre exhibits art from across the globe, which attracts large global attention to the museum. The deduction Louvre belongs to this whole world instead of a country: France is founded on these insights which are elucidated on in depth in this discussion.

The Louvre began as a museum designed to serve the French nation and display the masterpieces of French art. During the French revolution, the national assembly ruled the Louvre, as a nationalist museum where the country's masterpiece art would be displayed. The preceding history acts as the foundation of my thesis since the art would later be opened in 1793 showing more than 537 paintings, the majority of which were confiscated from the Romanian church. Due to architectural complications, the museum was shut down for five years to be opened in 1801. By then, Europe has begun to conquer other nations under the rule of Napoleon. Their conquest had led the nation to acquire a multitude of art. The resignation of Napoleon saw some of the pieces repatriated, but the museum would later acquire more than 2,000 pieces under the leadership of Charles X and Louis XVII in the second and third republics.

International Architecture at the Lourve

The cultural landmark has been developed by globally recognized architects in the late 20th century and early 2,000s. Later, a need to expand the gallery spaces necessitated the finance ministry to be moved from the Louvre. After displacing the ministry

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