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Progressivism And Reconstructionism Philosophy (Essay Sample)


Please discuss the Progressivism and Reconstructionism education philosophies in detail.
What are the keys concepts behind these two philosophies?
Why are they important in education?
What are impacts these philosophies will have on students?
What are the pros and cons of these philosophies?
One example of how each philosophy can be used in the classroom.


Progressivism and Reconstructionism Philosophy
Progressivism and Reconstructionism Philosophy
Philosophies of education have for a long time been a widely discussed and debated topic owing to the sensitive nature of the subject which touches on the well-being of the future generations. The educational needs of a pupil or student play a significant role in their future as adult citizens of a nation and the world at large. Education is thus an integral part of the society and plays a vital role in shaping up the social, political, and economic aspects of the community at large (Carr, 2005). Hence, the teacher-student relationship in a classroom is significant and should embrace certain philosophies if the results of the interaction are to be beneficial to both the society and the individual student. Currently, Progressivism and Reconstructionist education philosophies are the most utilized teaching methods preferred in most curriculums around the world.
Progressive education philosophy focuses on bringing out the best out of individual students by facilitating their creative thinking in coming up with solutions for specific challenges or situations. The fundamental concept of this philosophy is mainly focusing more on student's interests based on their interaction and problem-solving abilities (Zittleman, 2015). It is experience-based learning that challenges a child to think, critically and creatively, to come up with best practices to counter and solve a problem facing the immediate society. It also equips the students with problem-solving skills to

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