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Political Research Paper: Opinion Polls And Bias (Research Paper Sample)


The Issue: To research, and discover credible reliable information and be able to ascertain the truth and not be manipulated or persuaded without being educated.
Research: Research ALL the following sections. Please refer to the syllabus for all requirements, formats, and due date.
Analysis: Please research, site examples and analyze all sections by using multiple political sources from different political perspectives. The more thorough the research paper, the better chance of receiving a higher grade.

Section 1: Discuss Media Bias
Section 2: Discuss bias Opinion Polls and bias questions
Section 3: Discuss 4 Political Parties, and their platforms
Section 4: Discuss the following Interest Groups:
Move on Media matters
Tides Foundation Weather underground
Center for American Progress Organizing for America
Media research center Freedom works
Heritage foundation Center for Self Governance
Human events National Review
Section 5: Political Issues. You must use one source from each side to receive credit.
1. Voter Fraud
2. Common Core
3. Continuing Resolutions
Conclusion: What have your learned completing this assignment? Discuss.


Professor's name:
Political Research Paper 3
Media Bias
Media bias is a distinct phenomenon that has been in existence for a very long period in the industry. Social, political, and economic matters have all fallen prey to biased reporting or coverage by the media fraternity. Partiality in the coverage of news and events across the three aspects or prejudiced reporting is defined as Media bias (Baker Brent, 2012). Media bias tends to have a negative impact on the society as it denies people the right to honest information and is used to sway influence to specific selfish interests overlooking the benefits of the public to which media is supposed to be accountable. Bias in the media occurs through omission, placement, and selection, labeling, and spinning or twisting of stories. Omission, for instance, refers to leaving out of a part or parts of a given coverage that are not in line with the media agency's ideologies or factions, political or otherwise, which it supports, favors, or shares an affiliation.
Opinion Polls and bias questions
Opinion polls during an electioneering period or matters of national interests, especially touching on controversial domestic policies, have become an integral part of the media in the United States. However, the recent Presidential elections in the United States raised questions about the objectivity of survey groups carrying out the opinion polls. The influence of such polls cannot be downplayed and neither it's their genuineness in their data collection methods and financiers of the projects (Ranganathan Meghana, 2014). Public response on matters given in numbers based on a quantitative analysis of feedback from a given portion of people as a representation of a unit population defines what is commonly known as opinion polls. It has become almost impossible to determine its authenticity due to corrupted methodologies employed by surveying groups to collect and analyze data. The use of leading questions aiming for certain preferable feedback deems the principles behind opinion polling illegitimate. Biased questions will, of course, lead to biased results and hence deceiving both the public and the supporters or financiers of the opinion poll carried out.
Political Parties, and their platforms
Political parties in the United States are known for being so vocal in drumming support for their distinct ideologies that polarize the nation into two resilient factions. The two main political parties, the Democrats, and the Republicans have different political and development ideologies that each belief would drive the nation forward (Farhi Paul, 2013). Democrats, for instance, support higher taxing of the wealthy and freedom of religion to everyone. The party also aligns itself with the working class of the American community and champions for rising of their minimum wage. The Republicans, on the other hand, oppose higher taxes for the wealthy often aligning itself with this quintile of the American society. Consequently, the platforms used by either party to spread their propaganda are similarly distributed. The Democrats use and influence the progressive media outlets and organizations as their battlefronts in dismissing their political opponents. The Republicans, on the other hand, use the more conservative groups and media agencies to push forward their agendas and disapprove of their antagonists' political ideas and principles.
Move on Media matters
Media matters America is a non-profit organization serving as a progressive watchdog on issues affecting the transparency and accountability of media outlets and personalities in the United States. Founded in 2004 by David Brock as a tax-exempt organization, Media Matters for America took a proactive...

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