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Assignment 2.2 Questions: Purchasing Policy and Procedures (Coursework Sample)


Chapter 3: Purchasing Policy and Procedures
Incorporating environmental performance in supply base has helped some organizations increase their market share and improved customer loyalty towards their products. Discuss this statement.
What is backdoor buying and selling? Is it considered ethical or unethical practice and why?
Chapter 4: Supply Management Integration for Competitive Advantage
Discuss the black box approach to early supplier involvement.
Discuss how buyer-supplier has changed from adversarial to collaborative model. What are the challenges and benefits of the collaborative model?
Chapter 5: Purchasing and Supply Management Organization
Compare the benefits and challenges of centralized vs decentralized purchasing authority.
Discuss the differences between the strategic and operational buyers.


Purchasing Policy and Procedures
Incorporating environmental performance is one of the ways that companies are using to make sure that they are able to increase their rating in the market. this is relative to the fact that most of the customers are aware of the environmental campaigns in reference to sustainable business models (Purchasing Policy and Procedures, 2016). Consumers are more likely to be loyal to companies that show initiative in environmental sustainability and conservation. This is opposed to the traditional approach, where maximum exploitation of resources was carried out, with reference to business processes and production systems.
Backdoor buying and selling are socially engineered practices that are used by suppliers and buyers to make sure that they have the competitive advantage, before negotiations. The practice reduces leverage of the buyer as well as the need to negotiate and getting a better price or getting an assurance on contracts. This is un

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