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Leadership and communication Writing Assignment Paper (Coursework Sample)


Some people believe that the way leaders communicate depends on their age or generation. Based on your reading of the article, Generation Matters, answer these questions:
• Do you believe the way leaders communicate depends on their age or generation? Explain why you agree or disagree with this statement. How does your viewpoint align with what you read in the Generation Matters article?
• What generation do you belong to? Describe the leadership and communication style characteristics within this generation.
What impact do you think technology and the information age have had on how we communicate?

For me, I want to take the stance that age does matter. Maturity, life experiences, etc.

I look forward to working with each of you during the session! The DB activity provides each of us with an opportunity to share in insight, research, and experience. By leveraging the unique strengths of each other each of us grows.
I wish to encourage each of you to review all assigned materials and after some reflection, respond to the weekly DB activity in a thorough response (suggested 5-8 paragraphs with a minimum of 5 paragraphs) that provides your insight, research, and experience (where applicable). Clearly, change management is an important aspect for leaders and it should be noted that not every day does a leader such as Jack Welch come along who can provide for change that has real impact. An individual of this caliber can bring hundreds of millions of dollars to an organization.
In the discussion for Module 2 each of you will be able to research and review a change initiative. Again, I am looking forward to an excellent learning experience with each of you.
See you in the discussion!
For Your Success
Plan enough time (at least two to four hours) to allow thorough reading of the material in this module. Click all the links in this and all the modules, even if it seems like a notable amount of information to read. The additional information in the links will help you turn information into knowledge. Moreover, you will be questioned on the information in the Mastery Exercises, so you will need to pay close attention to all the content.
The material in this module is crucial to building the learning skills that you will use for the rest of your life and in your upcoming courses at CSU-Global.
Also, remember that there is a Live Classroom scheduled this week. While optional, this is an excellent opportunity to discuss any questions, concerns, or other course-related topics with your instructor.
Learning Outcomes
1. Identify how to effectively communicate as a leader.
2. Explain leadership vision.
3. Describe how and why a leader is considered an advisor.
4. Examine how a leader recognizes talent and uses that talent for the good of the company or team.
5. Employ critical thinking skills in written assignments.
6. Assess the potential relevance of available research tools depending upon a specific information need.
7. Use information characteristics to determine source credibility.


Leadership and Communication
Leadership and Communication
Yes, the way leaders communicate is highly dependent on their age or generation. One thing that people need to know and accept is the fact that there are indeed widely notable differences in the values, work ethics, skills, and the general perspective of the workplace between generations. Every generation comes with their respective changes and perceptions and each has to be accommodated. For example, a quick survey on the type of leader millennials and baby boomers would prefer would reveal major inconsistencies. This is because while millennials would call for a leader who will act like a mentor or coach to them, baby boomers would likely ask for someone who will enhance ethical behavior in the business, a person who is consistent as well as fair in how they execute their duties. The difference is indeed notable and so will be the difference in how these leaders communicate. While one will always seek to ensure his employees improve and grow, the other will only be thinking about the business. The modes or channels of communication will also be different. While a millennial leader could even encourage the creation of, for example, WhatsApp groups within the workplace to be used to channel formal information, the baby boomer leader would stick to the old and traditional memo.
First of all, it is essential to acknowledge that the article Generation Matters presents some interesting arguments. The ar

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