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Week 3 Questions Management Coursework Assignment (Coursework Sample)


1. What is the role of government in air transportation from an economic and safety standpoints?
2. Discuss at least two current issues facing the air industry and how each im¬pacts the industry, its customers and employees.
3. Provided that pipelines account for more than 20 percent of the intercity ton-miles but less than 5 percent of the revenue paid by shippers to transportation companies, explain what factors account for this contrast and whether this situation is likely to change. Defend your answer by providing additional examples and references.
4. Water carriers played a dominant role in the transportation system of the United States in the 18th and 19th centuries. Explain why their relative position has declined during the 20th century whether or not they still an important component of the total transportation system. Substantiate your answer with examples and references.


Transport System in the US
Name of Student
The role of the United States government on air transportation is to sustain research on public goods issues such as aviation safety, environmental effects, and security among other areas in which the performance of air transport system affects society (Kettl, 2013). The government should bring advanced technologies and concepts to a position at which private investment is justifiable by the industry. The government also increases the effectiveness of its involvement by supporting as well as participating in collaborations that are non-competitive, for example, international collaborations that are related to environmental effects and aviation safety, for example, data collection and model development (Kettl, 2013). Through a flexible approach to the government-industry relationships, the US government can support a pre-competitive research study by the United States industry too. The US government, in collaboration with the aeronautics industry, inspires related agencies and private investors to overcome the cost-constrained environments through their leadership.
Energy is a common issue facing this sector currently. The only hope for air transport industry is jet fuel. Similarly, depletion of fossil fuel in the modern day is impacting the industry heavily (Wensveen, 2016). However, the industry is trying to come up with alternative sources of energy for the vessels in the future. The expenses of using new technology for this purpose will the borne by the customers by raising the traveling prices. Consequently, this will reduce

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