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Getta Byte Software Project. Management Coursework (Coursework Sample)


The Course Project provides an opportunity for you to practice and apply specific project management skills learned in this course. The knowledge learned will help you to further your professional or personal goals. The title of your Course Project is the Getta Byte Software Project. The project is divided in two parts. Every week you are encouraged to complete a section of your Course Project. Part 1 is due in Week 4 and Part 2 is due in Week 8.
Course Project Part 1 (Due Week 4)
Cover page
Table of contents
Section A: The Project Charter
Section B: The Stakeholder Engagement Plan
Section C: The Communications Management Plan
Section D: The Project Scope Statement
Section E: WBS and the Project Schedule (must use MS Project)


Getta Byte Software Project
Institutional Affiliate
Getta Byte Software Project
The Getta Byte Software Project is an endeavor to make transitional changes in the existing billing system for the organization. The project seeks to introduce an advanced system of technology to replace the current billing system used in the market by different business settings and organizations. The primary objective of the project is to create a cloud-based billing system that offers more accuracy and easy to operate or use by consumers. A project manager will be tasked with overseeing the completion of different stages of the project including the migration of consumers’ data to the cloud system, development of software to run the program, and testing of the same. There internal and external factors with varied influence on equally different elements of the project that should be taken into consideration while developing and implementing the same. Internal factors include the efficacy of the system in improving the transaction speed and dynamic reporting with the ease of use by consumers and reduction in the billing cycles by 30% making for the external factors. Improved transaction speeds will allow for increased use of the system by consumers and thus necessitating the expansion of the capacity to handle large number of users. Ease of use also allows for easier management of the system’s operations by both the users and maintenance of the same.

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