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Consideration of the Organizational Goals (Coursework Sample)


You are the head of HR and the leaders of your organization just approached you to restructure the sales team. Currently, there are four Divisional Vice Presidents that oversee 15 District Managers each. Moving forward, there will be two Divisional Vice Presidents with three Regional Directors reporting to each of them. Every Regional Director will oversee 10 District Managers.
Refer to the Organizational Chart for a visual representation of the current and new structure.
Write a memo to the leaders of your organization in which you complete the following:
• Recommend the best way to implement the change.
• Evaluate how to effectively execute your plan.
• Draft a communications plan that explains the reasons for these changes to the organization.


Organizational RestructuringNameInstitutional AffiliationDate
Implementing Change
Restructuring or an organization should be carried out in an appropriate way to avoid confusion within the organization. The implementation of the change should be carried out through the following steps.
1 Consideration of the Organizational Goals
Before the implementation of the restructuring, it is important to consider the organizational goals of the company. The restructuring should be in line with the organizational goals. It is also important to collect input from the employees to know what they think about the restructuring. As Sarna and Shenki (20170 discuss, involving the employees in the entire restructuring process will minimize resistance to change CITATION Sar17 \l 1033 (Sarna & Shenki, 2017). This function can be carried out through the formation of review committees or the collection of data through surveys and questionnaires.
2 Analysis of the New Model
The analysis of the new model is all about determining the relationship that will exist among the different structures within the organization. This involves coming up with the roles for each of the newly created positions that is the functions of the division vice president, regional director and the district managers. Authority whether vertical or horizontal should be clearly defined. In the new structure, district managers will report to the regional director who will report to the division vice-president. Horizontal relationship is also observed where all the newly created positions will be required to work with each other.
The policies and guidelines for each of the departments above should also be clearly defined. Skills required by employees to work in the department should be mentioned after a job analysis. The procedure of decision making should also be determined and the people responsible for decision making should be mentioned.
3 Reorganization Schedule
A reorganization schedule should provide a comparison between the old and the new models of restructure at the company. Reasons for the reorganization should also be clearly defined in the proposal. In this case, reasons for reorganization can be the need for streamlining operations in the sales team.
The job descriptions for each of the new roles should be included in the proposal. The names and titles of the affected employees within the organization should be indicated. Potential layoffs if available should also be mentioned to prepare some of the employees. The time frame for the proposed changes should also be indicated including the date that the changes will

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