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Diversity in the Workplace: Preparation The Staff In Topeka Office (Coursework Sample)


You have been tasked to communicate to the VP of Human Resources about the need to prepare current staff for a more diverse workforce as a result of opening a new office in Miami, FL. This geographical area is known for its cultural, religious, and ethnic diversity in comparison to the company's office in Topeka, KS.
Assignment Steps
Create a report analyzing the relationship between these concepts or topics:
" Analyze the role of innovation in executing change strategies.
" Assess managing diversity in the workplace.
" Examine how technology facilitates the implementation of change in today's workforce.
" Explain how the workforce in the company will benefit from welcoming an inclusive and more diverse group of coworkers.
" Explain the benefits and the opportunity that a more diverse workforce will create.
Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.
On this assignment don't worry about an introduction or the conclusion.
The content is going to be very important for this paper. Its do the next day so there will not be time for any re-writes.


Diversity in the Workplace
Institution Affiliation
Diversity in the Workplace
Change is inevitable. No matter what or how much measures, time and resources are put in place to counter the possibility of a change, it will in the long last come to be that change must happen. Change brings diversity and expands the scope that was previously used and thus a different perspective must be employed for continuity of the activities that were happening before the change took place. The worst nightmare when a change occurs to anybody is being unprepared for the change. Change can be caused by many things or factors both natural and human-made (Martin, 2014). Among the factors that bring about change is relocation from one geographical point to another, might be from one city to another or from one country to another. When an individual is relocating, they just have to adjust their way of living to suit the new location and nothing more complicated. However, it gets more complicated when a company or business organization is relocating (Martin, 2014). An organization can either relocate due to expanding and opening other branches and subsidiaries. The staff of the organization, however, remain the same and thus they are the one that experiences the change which takes place (Martin, 2014). It is the work of the Human Resource to prepare and facilitate the workers to undergo the transition period from their current position to their new location. This paper will expound and communicate to the Human Resource Vice President on the need and way to prepare the current staff in their Topeka office for their new office in Miami, Florida which is more diverse in terms of culture, ethnic and religion.
Innovation is the art of creating something from the mind and which existed there before. Innovation has come in handy in the process of creating, implementing and keeping the various change strategies available today. Innovation in any organization is explicitly related to causing major changes in the organization since it is through innovation that a company improves, expands and enhance their products and services. Innovation has provided both the human resource departments and the staff undergoing the change with various tools and skills to help transition from one state to another. The innovation of very effective models which arise from research study and experimentation of various idea has really helped in the process of undergoing the changes (Brotchie, Newton, Hall, & Nijkamp, 2017). The Lewin's model is one of the gift of innovation to the process of change and a clear strategy on how to undertake change. This model involves splitting the whole process of change into just three stages accounting for every important aspect of the change process. Freeze, make changes then refreeze is the philosophical approach to many and the Lewin's model (Barak, 2016). Other models that have made to come forth because of innovation include Kotter's theory, Nudge model, the McKinsey 7-s model and many more others. All this has been made possible due to innovation. The modern innovation also incorporates the most profitable and suitable recommendation in which to undertake change that the innovation itself has provided (Barak, 2016). For instance, innovation can show that relocating from Topeka to Miami will bring about the best for the organization and increase their profits due to some predetermined factors. The innovation blueprint will also provide with the way in which the change must be carried out with little or no disturbance to the company smooth running. Technology is another very integral part of the process of change when determining the best type of change, implementing, and maintenance of the change. The workforce will heavily rely on technology esp

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