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Effective Social Work Practices Coursework Assignment (Coursework Sample)


In 500 - 750 words, report on Effective Social Work Practices as it pertains to Sam’s, Claire’s, and Tammy’s story (page numbers indicated in Additional Assignment Instructions). ANSWER each of the story’s “Reflecting” questions. After each set of story questions, IDENTIFY and REPORT on other holistic and strength-based approaches that may be useful in working with these individuals and EXPLAIN why you think these practices would be effective.
Additional Assignment Instructions
Identify each story and provide answers to its questions using the format below:
Sam’s Story: adjusting to altered life circumstances
Other strength-based approaches that may be useful are……..
I think this other approach would be effective because…..
REVIEW pages 194-195, 360-361, and 422-423 on social work practices
REVIEW Sam’s Story: adjusting to altered life circumstances p. 197
Claire’s Story: adjusting to long term care p. 365
Tammy’s Story: a quest for independence p. 425


Effective Social Work Practices
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Tammy’s Story
Question #1.
Landmark policies such as cutting edge technologies and Americans with Disabilities Act allow disabled people to exploit their potential maximally. Lower tech devices, ideal community planning and common sense adaptations avails practical approaches that enable disabled people to live safely and independently.
Positive assumptions encourage inclusion, enabling full lives and success for people living with development disability. Therefore, Tommy's parents, social worker and friends should raise Tommy expectations by encouraging her that people with development disabilities can get married, go to school, can work, have kids, drive a car or participate in other things in life. Thus the positive motivation that Tommy gets from her parents, friends and the society around would boost her self-esteem thus promoting self-sufficiency.
Tommy’s social worker should ensure that she secures a house that has adaptive equipment's such as walk-in bathtubs and tub seats to reduce struggle. Simple adaptations with the use of inexpensive materials from local hardware stores would make it easier for Tommy to engage in routine activities and move safely throughout her house. For instance, the use of plumbing material such as wrapping around a brush handle using as foam pipe insulation may make it easier for gripping.
Question 2
Tammy and her social worker need to commit to addressing the sexuality issues before Tammy commits to a relationship. The social worker has a responsibility of supporting, providing guidance and information to Tammy before she commits to a relationship. For instance, the social worker should provide to her information about safe sex, sexually transmitted diseases, intercourse contraception, unwanted advances, and pregnancy parenting skills, safe sex, same-sex relationship and masturbation. Also, the social worker should sensitize Tammy that adults with developmental disabilities are prone to exploitation and sexual abuse. Therefore the social worker must address the potential harm and how Tammy can address the harms.
Question 3
Social workers help in the identifi

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