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Reflection On Bickmore And Irvin Articles (Coursework Sample)


Reflect on ATTACHED Bickmore and Irvin on academic writing.
Irvin discusses some of the myths that people believe about academic writing before they begin, while Bickmore focuses on paragraph organization.
1. What were some of your beliefs about academic writing before you started college?
2. How did they change when you started writing for college?
3. What is a writing assignment you've done where you had to change some of your thinking, and what did you learn from it?
Select a QUOTE to get you started, and reflect on the writer's choices as well as your own.


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"In college, everything is an argument." This kind of statement would find little meaning for the high school student but has a deep connection to the college students. Before getting into college, I believed that academic writing was more about getting perfect first drafts, writing when you have completely figured everything out, having good grammar to write perfectly, and adhering to a specific format like "the five-paragraph essay." Furthermore, I also believed in the genius fallacy whereby I thought if someone did not have the ability to write, then he could not write. However, I found that the situation was very different when I started writing for college

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