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Disaster Preparedness And Terrorism Attacks (Coursework Sample)


Contact a disaster preparedness person at either a local hospital or local city or county emergency services agency.
Interview your contact, asking the following questions:
1) "What do you consider to be the top three disasters for which you prepare?"
2) "What would you say are your top three lessons learned about managing a disaster?"


Disaster Preparedness
Disaster Preparedness
Disaster management is a sector that most people never take seriously until they are caught in the eye of a disaster. Until there is a storm or terrorist strikes and people all of a sudden are filled with ideas about what could have been done right and what was done wrong. The media takes on a twist to the story to keep the people glued to their screens and the debates alive. However, very few ever stop to ask what it involves. In this era of social media, people are quick to mention the events on their statuses and post pictures of the horrific incidences warning others or simply having other motives. To get a better glimpse of what disaster management entails, I had the chance of speaking with one of the emergency management specialists who was more than glad to give me insightful information. He quickly mentions some three disasters that he has had to deal with in the last two years, which included terrorist attacks, active wildfires, and flooding. He also mentions some of the main lessons that he had a chance to learn to deal with such situations in the heat of the moment, before and after the disasters have struck.
A while back, when one heard of the word disasters, they would think of natural disasters. This has however changed in the events that have been rocking quite a number of cities, with terrorists instilling fear in the hearts of many. Since the 911 attacks, there have been several others, though smaller such as the Orlando nightclub shootings which claimed the lives of more than 50 victims. He was also quick to mention that, while there have been quite a number of attacks in the recent past, raising the level of awareness people are yet to grasp the essence of disaster preparedness (California Hospital Association, 2018). Terror attacks have been a common element and can be traced back to the 18th century. However, much of the attention on the acts of terror came to the limelight after major disasters such as the 911, which set the stage even at the international level.

According to the specialist, while the terror attacks may seem random and hard to track or even get prepared for, he offered a simple formula that he has always used in his community sensitization programs; prepare for before the attacks, during and after. In light of the attacks taking place, he mentioned that one can be in a position to evaluate the possible attacks and the potential of the same in their community. Such events should always be discussed with family members to create awareness. After discussing, what follows the formulation of an emergency communication plan and the establishment of the meeting point (California Hospital Association, 2018). Where possible, it is important to assemble an emergency preparedness kit. It is also important to check with the school's administration relative to their plans and to make sure that, first aid skills are enhanced so that one is able to take care of their wounds or those of the victims around them. During the events, it is important that one is able to remain calm and follow the advice given by the emergency officials on site or on radio and television among other platforms. It is important to shut off the utilities

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