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Can You Think Of American Moral Values In Walt Disney's Version Of Pinocchio? (Coursework Sample)


Prompt from Italian Civilization Instructor:
Step #1: Read Chapter 1 from THE ADVENTURES OF PINOCCHIO in the PDF file attachment titled “book0610”.
Step #2: Review the Lecture Notes titled “Pinocchio” on the word document attachment.
Step #3: Review the PowerPoint attachment titled “Unification of Italy”.
Step #4: Now for your assignment… As you have read, "The Adventures of Pinocchio" was a text written for children that was very influential in the context of nation building after Italy's unification, both from a linguistic and ethical/moral perspective. After watching Walt Disney's version of Pinocchio can you think of some ways it promotes American moral values?


Can You Think of American Moral Values in Walt Disney's Version of Pinocchio
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The Walt's Disney Pinocchio is an animation movie that portrays the moral battle of living a good or evil life as depicted by Pinocchio. He is

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