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Case Study 3: Coming Out Of Closet, Critical Incident Questionnaire (Coursework Sample)


After REVIEWING the example Case Study and Critical Incident Questionnaire called "Refugees from Vietnam", COMPLETE Critical Incident Questionnaire for the case of "Coming out of the closet" using what you have learned about counselling in LGBTQ2 community. Both of these are located in the Student Resource Folder
(LP 2.3 and 2.4 Resource and LP 4.1 Resource)
Answer the questions that follow the case on a separate piece of paper from the Critical Incident Questionnaire and clearly indicate which case study they are referring to.
Students provided thoughtful input on the Critical Incident Questionnaire for the case of "Coming out of the closet".
Students answered all "questions for consideration" and used concepts related to the material in the learning plan.


Case Study 4.
Student’s Name:
Student’s Number:
The Case: Coming out of the closet.
Dan is a forty three year old lawyer who has been married to his wife, Donna, for 18 years. The two have managed to have a family raising three daughters aged 17, 16 and 14. The family is agreeably happy and with the help of his wife being the head nurse in her department, Dan considers himself to be having a good, loving and fruitful relationship with his wife and more with his children since he has always wanted to be a father. However, Dan has a personal crisis that he has been hiding from both himself and his family for a while. Being a successful athlete in his schooling years in the university, Dan realized and embraced his attraction to the male gender when he was in first year. Nonetheless, he has managed to suppress the emotions with the aim of fitting in with the populous culture of homophobic individuals.
However, over the past years, working as a lawyer, Dan has been confronted, in an unbelievably stronger manner, with homosexual feelings, feelings that have drove him in to liking one of his clients. He has even had lunch with the individual, where he revealed to him that he was homosexual and the two shared moments of mutual attraction to each other. Dan would like to begin the exposure and exploration of the relationship and even possibly, date the client. However, the vast problem is his coming out. This is because he already has fears and worries that have led to his poor performance in bed and lack of sleep. He is disturbed with the implications that his coming out will depict on his family, his children and his career. Therefore, Dan is seeking counselling to help him out solve the issue.
Critical Incident Questionnaire.
The Case: Coming out of the Closet.
Cross-Cultural Issues:
• Human sexuality.
• Biological sexual attraction to men, or androphilia.
• Separation anxiety from family and loved ones.
• Dan’s official coming out to his family as a homosexual and the guaranteed consequences that follow, including eventual separation from his family and his parents.
• The fear of t

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