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APA Citation and Referencing (Coursework Sample)

Progress With In-Text Citations and Reference Lists Learning APA style takes time, and your learning will continue long after you have completed this course. One practice of a scholar-practitioner is to evaluate learning progress regularly and answer the question, “How do you know you have learned something?” Sometimes it is more important to identify what you do not know or understand so that you can develop strategies for overcoming any challenges or closing any gaps in learning. As a result, Discussion for this week and the remaining weeks of the course asks you to reflect on your gradual progress in the course, to share those “Aha!” moments when the proverbial “light goes on,” and to consider how best to take the next step forward. To prepare for this Discussion: - Reflect on your progress regarding in-text citations from last week and reference lists from this week. How well are you understanding these topics? What questions do you have? What tips can you share with your colleagues? - Review the sections in the APA manual that you have used thus far. How comfortable do you feel using the APA manual to look up information on these topics? In general? What other print and online resources have you found to be useful? - Consider how well you did on the weekly quiz for Week 1. What questions do you have about any of the quiz questions and answers? With these thoughts in mind: Post 2-3 paragraphs by Day 3: (1) 1 paragraph reflecting on your progress and comfort level with in-text citations, reference lists, and using the APA Manual and any other print and online resources. (2) In another paragraph, share any tips you have with your colleagues. (3) To conclude your post, include any questions you have thus far regarding the course material. Be sure to answer your classmates' questions in your responses to their postings. Read a selection of your colleagues' postings. Reference at least two of this week's Learning Resources to help you respond to this Discussion. Readings Course Text: Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association Chapter 6, “Crediting Sources” (pp. 180–192) Pay particular attention to Sections 6.22–6.29, “Reference List” through “Reference Components.” Chapter 7, “Reference Examples” (pp. 193–216) Chapter 6 is dedicated to developing the reference list and Chapter 7 provides examples. Chapter 6 may seem overwhelming as it contains a lot of information, much of it seemingly small detail. As you work with reference lists, you may discover that you end up memorizing entries for the items you most often use. For example, if you use online journal articles often, you may remember the form and requirements for creating a reference for an online journal. Regardless, the manual is a reference guide, and you are meant to use it to look up items. You are not expected to memorize the manual. Course Text: Mastering APA Style: Student's Workbook and Training Guide Completing these exercises will help prepare you for this week's 10-question quiz and this week's assignment. You are encouraged to complete additional exercises in areas where you would like additional practice. Chapter 3, “Term Paper Unit” (pp. 94–101) The learning and integrative exercises on these pages center on recognizing and correcting errors in the reference list. source..
APA Citation and Referencing
With the previous discussions on APA citations and referencing, I have found that this type of citation is relatively easy to use. The author-date type of citation is easy to remember and apply. The problem however, lies on the referencing. Without the use of referencing tools such as that in Microsoft Word, referencing could be quite confusing. I believe this does not only apply to APA citation, manual referencing could be confusing in any form of citation. Perhaps the hardest to reference are online resources since there are many information that need to be added. For example, for resources found in a webpage, it is imperative that the title of the webpa...
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