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government notes Case Study #1: Trump Tax Cuts (Coursework Sample)


Please select three links and take brief notes on what it is and a citation, and identify what type of government it is. So there are three case studies in total you need to have notes for nine links, each note should be around 50 works so the total is about 450-500 words. It won't take as long. Thank you! The maximum time is two hours with a flexibility of 30 mins in addition to the two hours.


Government Notes
Government Notes
Case Study #1: Trump Tax Cuts
"Congress Has Basically Done Nothing on Gun Control Since Sandy Hook," Newsweek, October 2, 2017
The case study presents a federal type of government where the president is the head of state. President Trump, therefore, has power and authority over all the decisions to be made in the government. The elite politics is in charge since president trump is set to abolish the Affordable Care Act's mandate which has been a problem affecting the health sector in the U.S. This will, therefore, be accomplished through the power elite.
"As GOP Celebrates House Vote, New York, and New Jersey Lawmakers Say No," N.Y. Times, December 19, 2017
The article presents a federal government whereby there are other lawmakers besides the president. The elite politics are in charge of making decisions based on whether the House vote will count or not. The bureaucratic theory applies as the republican congressman is set to create a new decision regarding the tax bill and whether it should be abolished or not.
"The Senate voted on a tax bill pretty much nobody has read," CNN, December 2, 2017
The senate under the federal government is in charge and has veto power over the tax bill, which is not well known to the public. This means that the elite politics is taking over since the majority of the population is not being involved in the voting procedures to confirm some of their most important bills. The power elite theory is, therefore, in practice.
Case Study #2 - Gun Control
"Congress Has Done Nothing on Gun Control Since Sandy Hook," Newsweek, October 2, 2017
The Congress under th

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