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Introduction to Ethics (Philosophy) (Essay Sample)


According to Aristotle, what are the characteristics of happiness? How does he arrive at his definition of happiness? Is happiness, to him, attainable without some measure of prosperity?
If you could ask Hume, Mill OR Singer one question relating to ethics, what would it be? Elaborate.
Our readings this semester said that something illegal is not necessarily morally wrong. Give some examples to prove this (but do not use the subjects of suicide or euthanasia).
Are ethical standards necessary in advertising? Is truth important there?
Pick two philosophers (Plato, Socrates, or Aristotle) that we studied and discuss how they would view gun control in the US today.
The assignment is due Monday, June can be writing as first person and provide personal Opinion as well. I appreciated if you are able to finish within 48 hours. Thank you and if there is any question don't hesitate to ask.


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Introduction to Ethics (Philosophy)
Question 1
According to Aristotle, the characteristics of happiness is when an individual exercise his reason to display generosity, courage, citizenship, and friendship in their life. He arrives at the definition of happiness by assuming that men are rational beings, and therefore, their happiness is depended on their ability to exercise their reason (Gloor, Peter, et al 2018). As a result, the individual has to acquire a moral character which will, in turn, enable him to practice the virtues that display happiness. In addition, such virtues that measure happiness and therefore, it cannot be achieved without a measure of prosperity. One question I can ask is the reason a probable cause for justifying ethical issues? If so, why do we have laws governing ethics, yet everybody could be allowed to follow their r

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