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Law and the American Legal System Case Questions Business Coursework (Coursework Sample)


Using the topic materials and what you have learned about the law, including constitutional, statutory, administrative, and common law and dispute resolution, address each of the textbook case questions below in a 250-word response. In your discussion of each case question, cite supporting evidence from the topic materials to justify your responses.
Chapter 1 Case Question 4--:
Lance, a hacker, stole 15,000 credit card numbers and sold them on the black market,
making millions. Police caught Lance, and two legal actions followed, one civil
and one criminal. Who will be responsible for bringing the civil case? What will be the outcome if the jury believes that Lance was responsible for identity thefts? Who will be responsible for bringing the criminal case? What will be the outcome if the jury believes that Lance stole the numbers?
Chapter 4 Case Question 2--
Carter was an employee of the Sheriff’s office in Hampton, Virginia. When his
boss, Sheriff Roberts, was up for reelection against Adams, Carter “liked” the
Adams campaign’s Facebook page. Upon winning reelection, Sheriff Roberts fired
Carter, who then sued on free speech grounds. Is a Facebook “like” protected
under the First Amendment?
Chapter 5 Case Question 4--
Annie and Bart are coworkers. In fact, they share a cubicle wall. Recently, they were
involved in a fender-bender in the company parking lot. Each blames the other for
the accident, and the two have stopped speaking. Would you advise them to try
to settle their dispute through arbitration, mediation, or with a traditional lawsuit?
Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide


Business Law Questions
Institution Affiliation:
Business Law Questions
Chapter 1 Case Question 4
In the underlying cause, the cases that stand include a criminal case and a civil case. The function of civil law is to regulate the responsibilities and rights of parties. On the other hand, criminal law has to do with behavior that appears to threaten or destabilize society from its regular operation. Both the civil and criminal laws destabilize society and are punishable (Beatty et al., 2018, p.21). For instance, a criminal case can be when a government files a lawsuit where a person is punished. If the defendant is found guilty after conviction, they are sentenced. Generally, civil cases are filed by the owners, fraudulent people. In that case, the civil case will be brought by to the court’s attention by the people whose credit card details were stolen and sold illegally by Lance.

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