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Assignment 1 Cochlear Company Graeme Clark’s (Coursework Sample)


Cochlear Company


Assignment 1
Assignment 1
Cochlear Company
Basic Introduction
Cochlear Company was founded in 1983 and has its headquarters in Sydney, Australia. The company employs more than 2000 employees in more than 20 countries (Bloomberg, 2018). The main goal of the company was to actualize the Graeme Clark’s dream of helping people attain the gift of hearing. As a young person, Graeme saw his father struggle, and this ignited a fire inside him which never died down (Cohlear Company, 2018). However, as is always the case, no road is without challenges, and he did meet his fair share, but he was determined and committed to his vision. He started doing research, and his goal was to help the profoundly deaf to receive a hearing. From colleagues to those who heard his quest, everyone thought that he was doomed to fail mainly because of funding challenges as well as the technological inadequacies at the time (Cochlear Company, 2018). However, Graeme persevered and today, what started as a dream and a quest to make the impossible possible has transcended the entire world with more than 100 countries as markets for cochlear implants.
Cochlear’s profile is quite rich, and from the company’s website, there is only one word used to describe how it got to where it is today. The word is goals. By setting corporate goals for customer focus, organizational performance, and shareholder value, strategic thinking has leveraged our innovation into a very successful business. Over the years, these goals have helped to shape and direct the company towards its current state. Looking at how Cochlear has managed to capture the market, it remains to be seen whether a worthy competitor will emerge.
Cochlear is not shy to make it known that they are focused on providing their customers with the best of everything. The company’s aim of ensuring value to their customers has moved them to promote innovation, high-quality products, as well as seamless service (Cochlear Company Profile, 2018).
Secondly, Cochlear is also quite focused when it comes to its performance. The company knows that simple mistakes will be disadvantageous to it. Therefore, by merging or combining capable leadership with credible tools and processes, and also a corporate culture that encourages excellence, the company continues to cement its position.
Finally, Cochlear is a company that values its shareholders and promises to meet their expectations by maximizing sales. With competent management and a workforce that is dedicated to it

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