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Amir And Rahim Khan Meet In Rahim's House In Peshawar (Book Review Sample)


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Where today’s action begins
The action begins in Amir and Soraya’s apartment in. Amir placed his phone and stared at it for a very long time before getting startled by Aflatoon’s bark, (their dog). He then realized how silent the room had become; Soraya had muted the television from the couch she was seating on with Aflatoon on her side.
Where key events happen
Amir and Rahim khan meet in Rahim’s house in Peshawar, Pakistan. (pg. 170). Rahim Khan tells Amir that Hassan was his brother.
Where today’s events ends
The events ended in Wahid’s homestead still in Pakistan. Amir says goodbye and thanks Wahid for his hospitality. Amir gets into his car and they drove off leaving Wahid and his three sons behind.
“For me America was a place to bury my memories. For Baba a place to mourn his”, pg. 125, signifies how moving to America had different impacts to Amir and his father. They moved to Peshawar, Pakistan to flee from the Soviet military intervention in Afghanistan, before moving to Fremont, California. Moving to America affected Baba in a negative way; he missed the people he knew, he missed the sugarcane farms and his good job as a petrol station manager. On the other hand, Peshawar was not good for Amir and being in America was a chance for him to start over again.
The quote, “After I met Soraya Taheri, every night of the week became a yielda for me”, pg. 113, basically means how Amir’s nights were long and sleepless because she kept thinking of Soraya. On the other hand, the quote, “By Afghan standards, my question had been bold” means that Amir’s question to Soraya proved that he was interested in her. The quotes bring out a theme of love between Amir and Soraya. Amir fell in love with her that he even had long sleepless nights thinking about her.
The quote, “I cringed a little at the position of power I’d been granted, and all because I had won at the genetic lottery that had determined my sex”, explains how Samir got tensed in the presence of the woman who he refers to as having a crooked smile with veiled hope. The quote signifies that male persons were favored than females. There gender inequality practice in the community.
According to the quote, “Bowing my head to the ground, I recited half-forgotten verses from the Koran- verses the mullah has made us commit to memory in Kabul- and asked kindness from a God I wasn’t sure existed. I envied the mullah now, envied his faith and certainty&rd...
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