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Authentic Self (Book Review Sample)


Read through pages 136—138. The article asserts that to be a servant leader one has to possess an “authentic self.” The author includes the following qualities that make up an “authentic self:” 1. Humility; 2. Integrity; 3. Accountability; 4. Security; 5. Vulnerability Answer the following questions: 1. How do you personally define the term “authentic self”? 2. What are the experiences a person needs to go through to become an “authentic self”? What circumstances lead a person to discovering his or her authenticity? 3. What experiences have you had that have helped you define and become more authentic in your life? When, where, and how did this occur? 4. What other qualities might you add to the list above that the author of the article mentions?


Authentic Self

The concept of authentic self relates to self- actualization, which enables leaders to make decisions and sound choices. Essentially, it is through self-awareness it is possible for leaders to be cognizant of their abilities and context where they operate. At the same time, the ‘authentic self’ extends to a personal brand where the conscious self shows one’s true character, spirit and personality.
According to Barnabas and Clifford (2012), the authentic self plays a critical role in servant leadership as one is selfless, while at the same time being authentic. One needs first to re-examine themselves and understand the human nature. Thus, being a leader or being in a position to influence change are some of experiences that facilitate one to examine their strengths, beliefs, personal traits and how they offer...
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