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Managers' or Company's Goals and Objectives (Essay Sample)

"Do you believe that most managers use influencing (power, politics, networking, and negotiation) for the good of the organization, or for their own personal benefit? What can be done to help managers be more ethical in influencing others?” What do you think? Please include links to recent articles related to the topic. source..

Managers’ or Company’s Goals and Objectives

There is a thin line between the company success and personal success and this is a line most of the managers do not have clear view of. In most of the cases the managers use all the resources at their disposals, which include the power, networking, negotiation and politics to a great extent when they want achieve some personal goals. The tragedy is that most of them feel that they are doing all this to benefit the company but the truth is that they are looking out for themselves. While it may be easy to start pointing fingers towards the manager, the success of the company and that of the personnel are joined at the hip. However that is not to say that one should masquerade as the knight in the company while they are looking out for themselves (Success Factors, 2013).
For the managers to influence other at the place of work, they need to redefine and realign the goals that they have towards the well being of the company. For starters, much of the focus should be directed towards the company other than the personal goals. This means that there should be some form of balance between the two goals. While the personal goals may be important, overriding those of the company puts the goals of the other employees at risk. Managers should by example direct all their energy towards the organisational goals and the rest will fall in place with time. Learning from the best, none of the world’s renowned managers or entrepreneurs succeeded by placing their personal goals in front of their companies’, however they looked out for the companies and the companies returned the favour. While the personal goals may be tied ...
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