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Nursing program in San francisco California (Personal Statement Sample)


Nursing program here in San francisco California is so competative. I got the minimum GPA requirement of not lower than 3.0. Unfortunately this is also the case for most of the students aspiring to apply to Samuel Merritt University Accelerated Nursing Program. I would like to emphasize on my personal statement my academic achievements like Im a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Student Society. Im also in the Deans list of Honor Student here at Skyline every semester and it is reflected on my college transcript of record.I would like them to know or emphasize that Im very competative physically and mentally. I want them to know that I served the country dutifully for seven years and i acquire good skills to become a good nurse through my army experienced.I would like them to understand that I need this Accelerated Nursing Degree because I need to go back to the military and use my degree in the military as Armed Forces Nurse.The U.S government is financing this educational goal because they want me to get the proper training i need to serve our soldier better. I want them to understand that im doing this for better cause and that is to become Armed force nurse. So that I could provide the highest care our soldier deserve. Please help me to shine and stand out among the rest of the applicant for the Samuel Merritt University Accelerated Nursing Program. Thank you so much for your help in advance.For any questions regarding this personal statement you can reach.


Personal statement

Personal statement
At the age of fourteen, a challenging responsibility was placed on me as it involved taking care of my elderly grandmother, who was suffering from asthma. I really loved my grandmother and even though at the moment I found the task quite demanding, seeing her in an unhealthy condition grieved me. Therefore, I decided to invest great effort in taking care of her and in so doing, I later started gaining enthusiasm when she would show signs of recovery. Just watching my grandmother get better and smile whenever I took care of her brought greater joy within, and this became the driving force or passion for becoming a competent and highly qualified nurse of the contemporary times.
While this dream erupted from that unplanned incident, other contributing factors have led to higher interest of majoring in nursing. Some of these factors include my former service in the U.S Army. I dutifully served our country for a span of seven years in the department of the United States Army. The interactions experiences in the U.S Army as well as observations of how agonized they would be when they got hurt at the course of practice, yet it was a patriotic one. This pushed me further to study nursing in order to help the army in such occasions and even the normal ailments. Moreover, that was not the only lesson learnt in my services in the U.S Army. Professionalism was developed in me and flexible team playing with skills of learning very fast and thriving on challenges, as well as working well in a fast-paced environment. Even though I am a disabled female U.S Army Veteran, there is a personal strong conviction that these skills are not too late to practice in nursing. Being thirty-four years, with a child doesn’t mean that I am too old to work; it means I have more experience than most people eyeing the same opportunity. My aged parents who bore me alone also helped and taught me many qualities that include hard work when growing up.
Through the experiences of taking care of my grandmother, as well as those of the times of service in U.S Army, brought about great light of how important it is to care and support the people we love and the entire community. I then figured that fellow veterans really require care and thus decided to work in any Veterans hospital after becoming a licensed Nurse. The interest of becoming an expert in nursing was drawn both from personal life and former career. Due to their experiences, veterans obtain characters of loyalty, leadership, honor, integrity, as well as selfless service which would be very essential in the nursing practice. Through the experiences I have had in personal lifestyle and as U.S Army, I would confidently say that I might have had more experiences than the other routin

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