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Systems of Survival: A Book Review (Book Review Sample)


read the article provided, see attached.
this is a book review must involve the study and practice of business ethics and business writing.
this review should be equally divided into 3 parts: finish each part in 6 sentences or so. mark the number before start to write each part in sequence.
1. quotes(and cite the page for)a passage from the article provided, alone with your comments. 
2.should do as #1. as well for an ethics issue reported currently in a media source.
3. discuss what you do for this course, including observation on your writing, other readings do for the course, and ideas raised in class. 
when finished, write down time spent on each of those three part. 
writing will be evaluated using the following criteria:
sentences:follows conventions of written english. sentences able to stand alone.
clarity:clear, scannable, organized with title, headings, and paragraphs.
substance: takes on challenging ideas, not superficial. 
evidence: presents sound evidence. cites sources. no patch writing or plagiarism. 

Systems of Survival: A Book Review
"heirarchical law...always prevails...wen government pulls its superior rank vis-a-vis all the rest of society" (Jacobs, 1992, p.67).
In the discussion of the hierarchical law, Kate gave an example of policemen are expected to perform their function as directed to them by their superiors regardless of whether it coincides or contradicts their own beliefs. Such discussion clarified to me why Edward Snowden was charged with espionage when in fact he was only trying to safeguard the right to privacy of every American citizen. Through the heirarchical law, the government as a guardian institution shows us that it has every right to spy on its own citizens in its quest to secure its territory. It also explained why policemen who shoot someone are not charged with homicide when they do so in the line of duty. In a sense, the government is given special permission to do whatever it think necessary in order for it to do its job.
"Deceive for the sake of the task" (Jacobs, 1992, p. 75).
This moral precept of the guardian syndrome does not sit well with me mainly because the victim of deception is typically the very people the guardians are supposed to serve. It essentially communicates the idea that human rights and right to privacy are all subsumed under home security. But what is home security for? Wasn't it for the people themselves to sleep well at night knowing their rights cannot be violated? It is a contradiction. The government's mandate come from the people - guardians cannot decide on what is right or wrong without consulting with the general public.
" the military and the arms industry gained power, they would be a threat to democracy, with civilizan losing control of the military-industrial complex" (NPR Staff, 2011).
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